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Ways Credit for Incoming Transfer Students

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Transfer Students

Are you an incoming transfer student?

Based on the number of transfer units that post to your Stanford transcript when you first matriculate in Autumn quarter, you will need to fulfill a defined number of Ways courses as part of your undergrad requirements. These Ways courses must all be fulfilled by Stanford courses as defined below.

Number of Transfer Units*

Ways General Education Requirement


5 courses certified in 5 different Ways


6 courses certified in 6 different Ways


7 courses certified in 7 different Ways


8 courses certified in 8 different Ways

44 or fewer

10 courses in 8 different Ways

Courses must be tied to units earned in transfer, Ways courses must be taken for a minimum of 3 quarter units, except Creative Expression which is a minimum of two units; and must be taken for a letter grade, except when a course is only offered "Satisfactory/No Credit" (Courses offered "Letter or Credit/No Credit" must be taken for a letter grade).

*AP or other test transfer units are not eligible and are excluded from the qualified number of transfer units for Ways.  Independent Study, online courses, and additional transfer courses are ineligible for Ways credit.

In most cases, you can typically fulfill 3 or more Ways courses in your major.