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Sample Syllabi for Ethical Reasoning (ER)

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Course How is this a good syllabus example?
BIOE 131, ETHICSOC 131X Ethics in Bioengineering
This syllabus teaches students how to apply ethical principles to new technologies and issues in bioengineering. They must think about the ethics of new device regulation, new reproductive and genetic technologies and regenerative technologies. The readings are clearly aimed at addressing particular ethical issues, that discuss ethical principles or theories that are brought to bear on particular topics.
CS 182 - Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change Compares competing ethical systems through an interdisciplinary structure. Students practice ethical reasoning through hands-on projects with real-world materials.
POLISCI 135 - Citizenship Teaches students to contrast multiple moral systems and rationales for basic social institutions. Strong fundamental readings, good assessments, and an excellent demarcation of weekly topics and their significance to political and ethical reasoning. This course is also Ways-certified for SI.
SOC 187 - Ethics, Morality, and Markets Readings explore multiple competing value systems and modes of reasoning. Great assessments and prompts to student reflection. This course is also Ways-certified for SI.