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Changing from GERs to Ways

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How to Change from GERs to Ways

If you were admitted prior to Autumn quarter 2013-14, you are eligible to switch to the Ways requirement.  In order to change to the Ways system, you must submit the GERs to WAYS General Education Requirement Change Request form.  It is important to carefully read the instructions.

We highly recommended that you meet with your Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) from Academic Advising to discuss a possible change to the Ways system. This may be an UAD in the residences, in Sweet Hall, or in the Athletic Academic Resource Center (AARC). 

When you request a change to the Ways requirement, you must continue to fulfill the other general education requirements in effect at the time of admittance; specifically, this includes Thinking Matters or Introduction to Humanities (based on when you were admitted), Writing and Rhetoric, and the Language requirement. Students who change to the Ways breadth requirement may not revert to the old GER system.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Student Services Center, with the exception of varsity student-athletes. Your application form must be signed and submitted to your AARC Advisor to ensure NCAA eligibility.