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Check Your Ways

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The Registrar uses the Degree Progress Report to ensure all your University requirements have been met prior to graduation. The report must be accurate and complete for you to graduate. Invest a few minutes now to check your Degree Progress Report to prevent any last minute issues as you prepare to graduate.

Your Degree Progress Report

To check your Degree Progress Report and your outstanding Ways requirements: 

  1. Log into AXESS 

  2. Scroll down for the “Student Snapshot” section and click "Degree Progress Report" 

  3. Click “View Report”  

  4. When the Degree Progress page opens, select "Expand All". 

Please note: you will see two very similar looking reports – only the first section, titled the "Unofficial Transcript and Dept Degree Progress Rpt",  is the official record that the Registrar uses to clear you for graduation. Here is an example of this Transcript Report.

The Summary of Ways Eligible Classes (bottom section) is informational only and displays all the courses that you have taken that can potentially fulfill a Way. It is meant to serve as a tool to help you determine whether your Degree Progress Report makes the best use of courses that are certified for two Ways. Here is an example of this Summary Report. 

Keep in mind some courses are certified for more than one Way. Courses certified in two Ways may not currently be listed in the Degree Progress Report for the Ways designation that you anticipate. For example, if you took a course certified for both SI and ER, it may be designated as fulfilling SI on the Degree Progress Report even though you intended it to fulfill the ER requirement because you planned to take another class for SI.  

To make a plan

If you have questions about your Degree Progress Report, or if you would like to discuss how to strategically plan completing your Ways, please meet with your Undergraduate Advising Director (in the residences, AARC, Sweet Hall).  In order to create your strategic plan, you may also find this printable tool helpful.

Make Your Ways Changes Official

Remember to visit Explore Courses at the beginning of your senior year. Revisit your plans before enrolling each quarter to ensure that you will complete your Ways requirements before graduation.

Once you are certain which courses you want to fulfill Which Ways, you can adjust the designation of any courses in your Degree Progress Report by using the form below.