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Creative Expression (CE)

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Stanford students and instructor illuminating manuscripts.


Through a combination of instruction and mentoring, Creative Expression  (CE) courses offer students significant opportunities to study the creative process and at the same time acquire the requisite skills to "practice" creative expression themselves.


The ability to create, to perform, and to design – each enriches our lives in substantial and meaningful ways.  Thinking creatively, giving expressive shape to ideas, and communicating those ideas imaginatively, are not only indispensable to all artistic endeavors, but will enhance traditional academic pursuits, stimulate effective problem-solving, develop conceptual rigor and foster originality in new areas.


You’ll find a wide variety of Creative Expression courses available – from painting and sculpture, video and performance art, to dance and theatrical performance, to music and the graphic novel, product design and architecture.  You might take a Creative Expression course from one of the arts departments or the program in creative writing, or undertake design work through engineering.  Creative Expression courses are devoted to artistic practice, whereas you’ll find arts department courses devoted primarily to critical analysis and interpretation in Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry.


You’ll find many courses that will allow you to explore Creative Expression, but here are just a few:

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