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Streamlined Submittal Process

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The Breadth Governance Board (BGB) has created a Streamlined Submittal Process for Ways approval.  A great many disciplines represented by departments map onto a specific Way.  For these disciplines, experience has shown that the Way approval should typically be straightforward.

The BGB has created a list of departments where the majority of courses certified to date have been a natural fit for a particular Way.  The Streamlined Submittal Process is limited to one Way per department for most departments. See below for this list.

  1. Verify that the course you have chosen for a Way is in the home department listed below.  If the department is not listed, you will need to submit the course via the Standard Submittal Process.
  2. Contact your Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), undergraduate curriculum committee, or faculty director.  Will they endorse your course for streamlined approval? If so, go to step 3.  If not endorsed, you may still submit the course via the Standard Submittal Process.
  3. Submit your class to the Ways submittal portal.  With your department’s endorsement, your syllabus need not be highly detailed, but it should provide sufficient information to understand the rationale and spirit of the Way for which it is designated. You will also need to provide a minimum of one learning outcome.  For further information about your particular Way, along with examples of learning outcomes, please peruse the Ways Guidelines.  You may also download the Learning Outcome Examples (PDF). If you need assistance in submitting your course, please complete the Instructor Submission Form for your Way and give it to your department's undergraduate Student Services Officer (SSO) or course administrator.
  4. Once you have submitted the course, please ask your DUS, undergraduate curriculum committee, or faculty director to notify the BGB.  The DUS (in most cases) must send a streamlined endorsement of your course  to the Ways program at

 Submit Your Course

Learn more about each Way in the Ways Guidelines

Download the instructions for submitting your course

Download the instructor submission form for a Way

Department Endorsement Instructions (FOR CHAIR OR DUS)

Approved for Streamlined Submission

Departments approved for the streamlined program:

Aeronautics & Astronautics - AQR Earth Systems Science – SMA Linguistics – FR
Anthropology – SI Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences – SMA Management Science & Engineering – AQR
Applied Physics – SMA Economics - SI Material Science - SMA
Art History - AII Electrical Engineering – SMA Mathematics – FR
Art Studio – CE Energy Resources Engineering – SMA Mechanical Engineering – AQR
Bioengineering – SMA English (creative writing) – CE Music (non-practice, non-performance) – AII
Biology – SMA English (non-creative writing) – AII Music (practice, performance) – CE
Chemical Engineering – AQR Film Production – CE Philosophy – AII
Chemistry – SMA Film Studies – AII Physics – SMA
China - AII French – AII Political Science – SI
Civil & Environmental Engineering – SMA Geological Sciences - SMA Psychology – SI
Classics - AII & SI Geophysics – SMA Religious Studies – AII
Communication – SI German – AII Slavic – AII
Comparative Literature - AII History – SI Sociology – SI
Computational & Mathematical Eng. – FR Iberian & Latin American Cultures – AII Statistics - AQR
Computer Science – FR Italian – AII TAPS (non-performance) – AII
Dance – CE Japan – AII TAPS (performance) – CE
Division of Literatures, Cultures, & Lang. - AII Korea – AII  

Courses in the following programs are not included in the streamlined program:  IDPs, professional schools (e.g., Business, Education, Law, Medicine), BOSP and off-campus programs, VPUE programs (e.g., ILEs, PWR, COLLEGE/Thinking Matters), Ways-Ethical Reasoning (ER) and Ways-Exploring Difference and Power (EDP) courses, and courses submitted for two Ways (non-streamlined Way).  Instead, please submit these courses via the Standard Submittal Process