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Do you Know the Ways? Quickstart Guide for Students

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Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing

  • A unique approach to general education breadth (8 Ways)
  • Develop a set of intellectual tools for your toolbox to use here at Stanford and beyond
  • Many Ways courses count towards your major and minor
  • You must take 11 Ways courses

Ways Categories

Two courses each in:

  • Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry (AII)
  • Social Inquiry (SI)
  • Scientific Method and Analysis (SMA)

One course each in:

  • Applied Quantitative Reasoning (AQR)
  • Creative Expression (CE)*
  • Engaging Diversity (ED)
  • Ethical Reasoning (ER)
  • Formal Reasoning (FR)

* See our About page for various ways to fulfill CE and the grading exception

Ways Quickstart Guide 2021-22