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Sample Syllabi for Applied Quantitative Reasoning (AQR)

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Course How is this a good syllabus example?
AA 174A - Principles of Robot Autonomy The syllabus stipulates overall course goals and provides details on AQR-aligned topics to be covered in each week.
CEE 126A - Stanford Sustainable Living Lab
Students will learn about the principles of a life cycle analysis, analyze real data, and perform simulations to apply those skills.
ECON 125 - Economic Development, Microfinance, and Social Networks
Students learn about big data and they must do two projects that require the use of design statistical tools and writing code to do predictions based on data.  This course is also Ways-certified for SI.
HUMBIO 89X - Intro to Probability and Statistics for Epidemiology The syllabus describes weekly labs that require students to engage in statistical analysis and lists course topics clearly aligned with AQR.
ANTHRO 130D, POLISCI 241S, URBANST 124 Spatial Approaches to Social Science
Students will learn about spatial data and the syllabus spells out how students will use software to analyze real spatial data.  This course is also Ways-certified for SI.