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Common Questions for Ways Transfer Credit

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Can I submit a course outline or course description rather than a syllabus?

No, the faculty board who reviews your request needs detailed information to understand how a student will experience the "thinking" and "doing" of the Way for each requested course. It is your responsibility to reach out to the other institution to get the most recent syllabus. Your request may be denied or we may ask for you to furnish the syllabus which can delay the review and decision of your request.

I previously took a course at another institution, can I get Ways credit for it? 

All non-Stanford courses must be submitted for review and “pre-approved” to earn Ways transfer credit. COVID exception: During 2020-21, there was an exception allowed for post-course completion evaluation requests. 

Can I take an online course at another university to count for Ways? 

No, online transfer courses are ineligible for Ways credit. Ways is about the “practice” of “doing” the skills and capacities of the particular Way. An online course does not provide the rigor and interaction of the Way capacity/skill. COVID exception: During 2020-21, there was an exception allowed for online courses. 

I received Ways transfer credit and it’s already posted on Degree Progress, can I change it to another Way?

No, once Ways transfer credit is posted, it is final and cannot be changed.

Can I submit a course taken (in high school) prior to coming to Stanford to count for Ways credit?

No, all Ways transfer courses must be pre-approved, so courses taken prior to becoming a Stanford student are ineligible for Ways credit, but they may be eligible for general university transfer credit (excludes units earned towards a high school diploma). Once a student matriculates (frosh), you can request pre-approval for non-Stanford courses to qualify for Ways transfer credit.

How do I figure out which Way(s) the course fits?

The key to identifying classes for Ways is to review the Ways Guidelines which describes each Way. It is a common mistake to classify a course by only the course name. It is important to select the Way that best fits your course since it is reviewed by different faculty subcommittees with particular Way expertise, otherwise, the request can be denied.

For a Way requirement that requires that I take two courses (AII, SI, SMA), can I fulfill it with two transfer courses?

No. Only one transfer course may fulfill a Way. You will need to fulfill the other requirement at Stanford.

I took a course in another country and the syllabus is not in English, can I submit it?

The syllabus must be submitted in English. If a syllabus is in a language other than English, it must be translated prior to submission.