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Standard Submittal Process

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What information is needed?

The Breadth Governance Board makes a certification decision based on the information you provide.  We need either a full syllabus or a brief syllabus plus any additional supporting documentation.

In the context of your course, the document(s) should demonstrate how students learn the "thinking" and "doing" of the Way.  Students should have significant experiences in actively analyzing, inquiring, reasoning, expressing, or exploring the Way. The Way should be a major focus of the course, not a byproduct.  Documentation is most helpful when it includes the following:

  • outlines the major course elements (e.g., reading list, descriptions or representative examples of detailed assignments, projects, etc., grading criteria)
  • shows evidence of active "thinking" and "doing" experience
  • describes how the goals/experiences of the course connect with of one or more learning outcomes for the Way

Specific Way information that is helpful for reviewers includes:

  • representative examples of Way-relevant homework assignments
  • highlighting specific readings that are connected to Ways learning objectives
  • Way-relevant details regarding course projects

If this information is not obvious from the course syllabus, please submit additional documentation to address these points, with enough detail for reviewers to understand why your course meets certification requirements for each Way requested. Also note that the amount of work students will be required to do for a Way should be a substantial portion of all work they will be required to do for the course.

Please review the Ways Guidelines webpage to find information about each Way and the specific questions to be addressed in the documentation, and the choices of learning outcomes associated with that Way.

When you are ready to submit the course, download the Course Submittal Instructions, and then go to the Ways Submission Portal. If you need assistance in submitting your course, please complete the Instructor Submission Form for your Way and give it to your department's undergraduate Student Services Officer/Administrator (SSO/SSA) or course administrator.

Learn more about each Way via the Ways Guidelines

Download the Instructor Submission Form for a Way

Submit Your Course