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Sample Syllabi for Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry (AII)

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Course How is this a good syllabus example?
BIO 3N - Views of a Changing Sea: Literature & Science Detailed week-by-week outline of how students practice skills of aesthetic and interpretive inquiry.
AMSTUD 43X - Starstuff: Space and the American Imagination Assignments clearly promote skills of aesthetic analysis and critical interpretation. Shows the intersection of art, science, and history.
COMPLIT 264, AFRICAAM 264, CSRE 265, FRENCH 264 - Crossing the Atlantic: Race and Identity in the African Diasporas Interpreting texts and artworks from multiple aesthetic, cultural, social, and political perspectives. This course is also Ways-certified for EDP.
GERMAN 101 - Germany in 5 Words Clear goals that define the intent behind each of the historical, cultural, and literary units. Assignments prompt students to practice skills for inquiry and interpretation. This course is also Ways-certified for EDP.
CSRE 160M, DANCE 160M, FEMGEN 160M, TAPS 160M Middle East in Dance and Culture Using one set of objects, students approach the topic from many methodological angles and are asked to use interpretive method in very precise ways. This course is also Ways-certified for EDP.