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Formal Reasoning (FR)

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Formal Reasoning  (FR) courses spend a majority of course time on instruction in rigorous logical and deductive reasoning.


The formal sciences comprise those branches of knowledge concerned with the development, understanding, and manipulation of symbols based on formal rules.  This area forms the underpinning of decision making and analysis in many fields.  Refining formal reasoning skills will enhance your ability to respond to the challenges posed by an increasingly complex world.


You might gain knowledge in the FR Way by taking courses in mathematics, probability, or computer science.  You may prefer to fulfill the FR outside of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) department by taking a course in logic or linguistics with a significant component of formal reasoning.

You’ll find that assignments in FR often include solving equations, programming, model simulation, or solving optimization problems.


You’ll find many courses that will allow you to explore Formal Reasoning, but check these out:

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