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Sample Syllabi for Social Inquiry (SI)

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Course How is this a good syllabus example?
AMSTUD 63N, CSRE 63N, FEMGEN 63N, HISTORY 63N - The Feminist Critique
This syllabus includes all the standard elements to describe the content of the course which fits well for SI. It is exemplary in providing a short description of the questions, content, and activities to be addressed in each course meeting. This course is also Ways-certified for AII.
COMM 184 - Race and Media Teaches methods of Social Inquiry to increase students' capacity to understand and critically evaluate structures and technologies of information in various social contexts. This course is also Ways-certified for AII.
FEMGEN 221B, HISTORY 221B - The 'Woman Question' in Modern Russia Examines historical, philosophical, and political aspects of a central social problem in a society across time.
HISTORY 234P, STS 200U - The Age of Plague: Medicine and Society Brief but well-defined assignment prompts scaffolding of students' understanding of a social problem in history.
HUMBIO 123E - Health Economics & Policy Teaches students specific methodologies for Social Inquiry in an interdisciplinary context, with opportunities to practice analysis and evaluation of results.